Voices of 20/20 Face Mask

Inspired by the events of 2020, this design was created to reflect the voices of this year.

...the art should speak for those who have been silenced.

The events of Seattle CHAZ had inspired me to create this. The graffiti covering my neighborhood was mostly viewed as chaotic. But in the most chaotic things, I find myself searching harder to find the beauty.

The true nature of design is to take our muse into our dreams, and then enhance them in reality.

In addition to these uncertain times; I found that the words from my book (BLK Excellence: Return to the Eternal Self) has been echoing in these moments of enlightenment. BLK lives in Matter, as BLK energy is raw creative energy... the essence of the universe.

May this design inspire you, or, may it be a keepsake to remind you of 20/20 ... the good, the bad, the ugly.

This has been hand crafted, and sewn with a nose wire and tie fastenings for comfort, as well as comes with a PM 2.5 filter.

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