Mask Maintenance Kit

Mask Maintenance Kit


You are out on your routine Essential Trip to your local Essential Stores, and after visiting the first store you wonder about how sterile your mask is? When you are in a location where you can safely social distance, you reach into your bag and spray down your mask with the Face Mask Sanitizer Spray -- wait for a couple of minutes for it to dry, and return to your mask to your face and continue your journey for essential items while your senses are being triggered by Aromatherapy.


Each spray contains a unique fragrance and cinnamon, aimed to trigger your scent senses and to reduce your stress levels.


Struggle with keeping your masks in the same shape after they run through the wash?


Fear not! Your Maintenance kit includes a Mask Wash Baggy. Pop your mask into the bag and close up the ties, and throw it in with the rest of your washing. Mask washing bags are designed to keep your masks in top shape while protecting their boning (nose bar).


Between the Mask Sanitizer Spray and the Mask Washing Baggy, you are all set with keeping safe and healthy.


Spray on all areas of your mask to sterilize after wearing the mask over an hour. Let mask dry thoroughly before using the mask again.


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