Kongo Meditation Bead Bracelet

Kongo Meditation Bead Bracelet

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Meditation beads are used to help the user change their frequency. Traditionally, meditation beads are mostly recognized by dark wooden beads. The  beads are counting beads that help the user keep track of how many repetitions they would think or say. One of history's Buddha's taught the idea that a person would only have to repeat a statement 108 times in order to change the thought pattern.

These meditation beads are based off of the same premise of creating counting beads, but with style. The charm represents the placeholder in the counting order. These stylish brackets consist of hand painted porcelain beads as well as shells.

The design in inspired by an ancient African monetary system, which was popular in the late Congolese Empire. With a combination of the Earth and the concept of balance and the spiral (symbol of the universe and creation) these beads are a wonderful asset in your Spiritual Development process.

The bracelet doesn't require a closure, as it is on a stretchy threading.


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