BLK Excellence: Return to the Eternal Self

BLK Excellence: Return to the Eternal Self

SKU: 978-1695920347

BLK Excellence: Return to the Eternal Self is about reconnecting to creative black energy. Latoya Ralliford explores various settings in which black energy is the focal point or the background for the overall psyche of human nature. She analyzes historical references as well as explores various scientific theories that support the power of black energy. While exploring the power of black creative energy, Latoya teaches readers about the different layers of awareness, as well as how to tap into their true potential. Content is both educational, spiritual, and poetic, which leaves the readers inspired and ready to start their spiritual journey towards excellence. Furthermore, she breaks down the fundamentals between visual communication and tarot cards, in which she demonstrates the psychological benefits associated with personal card reading exercises. Latoya’s unique approach to educating readers about spiritual awareness gives those who are seeking a deeper understanding of spirituality (both emotional and logical without the complicated terminology) a crash course with an understanding that various dynamics of Self.


  • ISBN-13: 978-1695920347
  • ISBN-10: 1695920341
  • Number of Pages: 463


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