Speaker's Corner: A Collection of Thoughts

Speakers Corner in Hyde Park

Dear Universe,

Long time, no speak. I have reached a stage of renovating my comfort zone. I no longer have the same goals or dreams. How did I get here?

Sometime towards the end of 2021, I had an epiphany that I needed to strive for happiness. For most of my life, I had spent my time (a resource we have a limited supply of) supporting other people's needs. After spending so much time, energy, and money working on supplying other dreams, I found myself in a situation where I had nothing – not even the admiration for the hard work I put in. I decided to cut the negative pillars out of my life. It wasn't easy closing the door on people and situations. Still, I concluded that if the toxicity of maintaining that relationship outweighed the positivity, then it was spiritually damaging and distracted me from living a more fulfilling life. After freeing myself from damaging social obligations, I turned my attention to asking myself what I wanted out of life.

What will make me happy?

I spent months asking myself this question, and, in the end, I realized that happiness is within three of my passions. My first passion is my love for science and human history, which led me down the path of academic achievement in applied Anthropology. My second passion is my love for developing visual art. While I moved away from taking on custom projects, I still work on large art projects that I routinely submit to local galleries. Finally, there is my passion for writing. This brings me to why I am writing to you.

While the topics that I like to write about aren't concepts of popular opinion, I want to express myself. I may not be the best at remaining consistent with posting articles. But these enticing articles should be worth the wait (particularly the nonfiction pieces that will require a lot of supportive research)

With that said, please keep an eye out for posts on my Speaker's Corner. Who knows... my words may enlighten you.

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