Exploring Balance of Safety & Fashion

What can I say... I am a designer, through and through.

Creating cloth masks was never planned. It was a project that was developed during a pandemic.

In the beginning, I started researching how to make homemade masks so that I could help my local hospital. But after making my first batch, my local hospital & state medical services stated they were not accepting any homemade masks for safety.

It was both understandable and frustrating, after all, during a pandemic like this, it is important for health professionals to be extra cautious. It was frustrating because of the time and money I put into making them.

Pondering about what to do with this first batch of masks, I thought myself, why not just give them to people I know and care about. So i gave masks away here, and I gave masks away there. On my birthday, I sent all my friends custom made masks.

Then, after exhausting myself with making the standard design, my creative desires tugged at my heart strings and I soon found myself returning to my designer instincts and modifying the pattern. Next thing I knew, I had a mini mask fashion show (by myself, of course).

It was about this time, that my friends and followers on Instagram couldn't take it anymore. They wanted a designer mask, too. Surprised by the response, I couldn't be even more honored than to start creating designer masks for everyone. Of course, my masks aren't just about looks. I also make sure I am following the safety protocol. My masks are carefully made with multiple layers; or with Filter Insert Pockets and/or with sewn in filters. Each mask is carefully constructed in a sanitized environment and sealed to ensure it maintains sanitary quality.

To top it off, I always include care instructions and also have begun creating a "mask sanitizer" spray to maintain quality.

The best part is seeing people happy and healthy, with my work. Practicing safety doesn't have to be a chore.

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