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More than One Dimensional

Firstly, we operate in multiple dimensions. Our bodies are the physical versions of the Tree of Life. In this concept of the Tree of Life, we operate on the highest dimension as well as the lowest dimensions found in the underworld. We are also able to continuously adapt. One of our biggest weaknesses is that we remain stuck in singular concepts or narrow-minded way of thinking. We are bound into this illusion of hypocritical behavior, where many quickly place labels on everybody that they deem to be a hypocrite. While upon further evaluation the individuals that are marked as hypocrites, typically are not being hypocritical. In contrast, those that are hypocrites are not marked as hypocrites but labeled as leaders that many aspire to be.

For example:

If 10 years ago, I told you that I did not like the taste of beer because I had found it to have a bitter taste. But over time, I explored the different flavors of beer and I found that I quite liked a summer beer and ale, from time to time.

This change of mind does not demonstrate hypocrisy but instead, it demonstrates merely a change of mind. People have the right to free will and the right to change our opinions. This is one of the factors of humanity that makes human beings’ complex creatures. But many of us base our reality on artificial fantasy which is presented to us through the media. The media displays people (celebrities and characters) as being single dimensional beings. The anchor must always be happy. Or this protagonist's character must always be sad. While the villain of the story must always be mad. It is a comical tragedy that people are unconsciously imitating fictional character behavior that they were exposed to from their childhood shows in the 1980s until Today. Where in cartoons like the Care Bears and the Snorks, all of the fictional characters were lived their life being a single emotion. In all of these popular children's shows, the civilization of these fictional worlds depicted a population of one-dimensional beings who were named either after their powers or their singular personality.

The reason why there are so many superficial people may be due to the side effects of this style of mental programming. As anything that doesn't fit into a preset social box is labeled weird or an outcast or hypocritical. Throughout history, there are so many greats that have said one thing and then later said something else that contradicts their original statement. Regardless of this shift, their followers tend to only focus on one aspect of their story and dismissed the rest of their identity for the sake of social validation. This selective acknowledgment of individual accomplishments has become the fundamental bases trying to find answers for very complex questions, like:

  • Are the actions or statements of a man forever held against him?

  • Are the actions or statements of a man's ancestors forever held against him and his predecessors?

  • If an ignorant white man decided to call a black man the N-word, does that automatically make the white man a racist or does it mean that he is ignorant?

  • If a man (or woman) was the child of a pedophile, does that mean that by default he will also become a pedophile?

  • Are the descendants of slaves fated to be slaves by default?

  • Is an entire race permanently labeled as racist because their ancestors created racism?

  • Is maintaining these social double standards constructive or destructive?

There is a meditation activity which is cleansing each chakra point so that the 3rd Eye can open, and we can spiritually ascend. When cleansing your chakra point for the 3rd Eye chakra point, you must remove any illusions about yourself and your reality. Therefore, would not be that “double standards” are blocking an individual from ascending? In short, we are products of Change. We are expected to shift and move like a river. It is in the process of trying to stay the same, where we are faced with internal conflicts.

I have seen racism, and this experience was not found in an idiot throwing about a dumb insult because he is losing an argument. The racism I saw was pure hatred from these lost souls. It was so intense (this energy of fear was massive and hatred without cause) that I dare not approach them. I could sense it a few yards away... if not further. It was an energy that I dare not want to be around again. Not out of fear, but out of pity. After witnessing these poor souls trapped in this toxic reality, I found my heart was racing from the sense of their anxiety and anguish. As a psychic, I read people's spirits before I speak to them. I saw these trapped pitiful weak spirits suffocating from the toxic energy surrounding them. Will I run-up to one of this pitiful soul to give them hugs as a means to save them from their hatred? No.

That's not my forte.

I am not the one who can change them. They have to be the ones seeking the change. Luckily, many of them do. Lots of former white nationalists escape from these Hate organizations in a similar means as a victim escaping their domestic abuser. Once free of the toxic environment, they find love and happiness. These changed individuals are proof that a person is capable of changing their identities and morals when they have the desire too.

When I was writing for KERNE Magazine, I wrote an article about a mixed-raced man who was raised as a white nationalist by his white mother. His story fascinated me because, regardless of seeing his darker complexion in the mirror, he still hated everything that wasn't white. And then, he told me, something occurred to him in his late 20s and he realized how wrong he was. As a result, with all of his might, he sought out to learn more about his "black side” and became an activist for equity and Black Awareness.

His story inspires me because it reminds me of the power of individual will and that while we live, we have endless possibilities to adjust and tweak and repair our ideology. I think back to all of the celebrities who have been marked hypocrites because they did not fall in line with this specific "social stereotype" for a specific movement. If a black person marries a white person, does that mean that they have no right to categorize themselves as black and to stand up for situations related to their democratic? Can only "pure black" people speak on behalf of black people? Are mixed raced people ineligible to make remarks or speak on issues related to both races that they identify with?

We are not Care Bears. We weren't born with a symbol on our bellies which represents our one-dimensional character. We are given an arrange of emotions and feelings that help us experience the world around us. None of us were born with a manual programmed into us, about how we are meant to live. We are born to live a life and to explore the successes and failures of doing so. We should, therefore, be socially allowed to evolve… like the universe.

  • Excerpt from the book "BLK Excellence: Return to the Eternal Self." You can purchase item in our shop or on Amazon and other online retailers.

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