Stage 1: Wooden Medallions

The backstory is that I signed up to volunteer to decorate some DIY ornaments for Onyx Fine Arts gallery in Pacific Place Mall (Seattle, WA). While making these ornaments, i got inspired to create an even more complex display of work. The orignal idea is Xmas Revolution. Though, as it is coming to life, I am not sure if Xmas is really apart of it, at all. 

I spent a week or two, burning and carving 24 faces of my heroes into 24 wooden medallions. The characters I chose were individuals who I defined as being Freedom Fighters. 

After i completed each one, I added my artist seal and signature at the back.

I felt like the dynamics of this work started to change when I began to hang  each item on the tree. It occurred to me that I could make this visual even more meaningful if the type of tree was changed.

And thus, it no longer was about restructuring xmas, at all.

I have decided to move on to the next stage in creating this exhibit. But with that said, i think i will continue to explore different types of trees that these medallions can hang off of. 

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