Business Short-Cuts 101

I have gone through different business ventures, and in this process I have learned about the business golden rules or short-cuts that finally got the machine working and moving. Over 5 years these are the things that I learned:

Do NOT invest in things you aren't prepared to invest in.

Baby Steps are golden

Major Leaps have Major Consequences 

Learn the skills you need instead of outsourcing to 3rd parties.

Collaboration for the most part, when not equally balanced, is a means for someone else to take advantage of your skills to make them look good.

"Fake it until you make it" is not frontin' but self-prophesy 

Slow and steady is key

Avoid putting yourself in or letting others put you in a small market box

Determination and Imagination to keep pushing through is absolutely necessary 

No one understands your dream or vision but YOU.

Always keep reinventing yourself to stay trendy. We are in an age when business moves from retail stores to online stores. This can be both good and bad. Its good because for those who cannot afford a retail shop, they have the chance to showcase their work. This also helps sellers tap into new markets nationwide and even worldwide.

The disasvantage, is that you NEED to become tech savy to say relevent. An outdated website will lose sales and potential customers.  Hiring a web programmer to maintain your site is expensive. So using resources that requires NO CODING and researching what professional sites should look like, will help. This includes the mobile app design. The other disadvantage is that you have to compete with big corporations online. And thus your image of your brand needs to compete.

Getting creative with making professional photoshoots, like the DIY light box below, which is used to take pictures of products.

Using high quality print sources to print your printed material:

And investing and designing unique packaging to make sure your quality is consistent

Make sure that your customer service is Red Carpet level. When it comes to deciphering customer service, the best practice is to think about your best shopping experiences:

And always try to get your item delivered within the window of opportunity your customer has shown interest in your products.

If you do these things, then your business will start to take off. 


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