Designing Dreams

As I explore jewelry making, I have come across complications as well as have let my imagination sore. One example of this is my latest design called Zero Gravity 1.0 Earrings. 

In the original design, i wanted to play around with physics and geometrical shapes. With the materials used, the original design didn't work out....

However, out of that attempt I made a new version of the design and named the earrings 1.0

All of my designs tell a story and this design is no different.

The main materials are organic and come from local Seattle Trees. Durning the fall I go tree leaf harvesting... there is a very small window in the northwest when i comes to collecting quality leaves for projects like this. There is a small window of time to freeze these leaves in the state they were found in... this makes this project even more exciting because of these challeneges. The orange and black material is made from the harvested leaves. This material in this design represents the gravity energy.

The red stones are Carnelian crystal (represents the root chakra and the spirit). These stones have the illusion of rising and falling. 

The sea shell spiral in the center, represents infinity. 

Each one of these Earrings are hand stitiched. And the hook is made from silver plated metal. To order your pair of earrings, visit my Etsy Store @LMichelArt

#organic #SeattleBirchwoodTrees #carneliancrystal #spiralshell #silver #handstitched #madeintheUSA

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