I consider myself to be many different things. I am a designer, an artist, a writer and so much more. I live my life in the viewpoint of seeing the sky as the limit. Optimism and beauty and hope… those are my testimony.  

At four years old, I remember sitting in front of the television and watching Bob Ross on PBS. I could never get those darn Happy Trees right. But my mom kept telling me to keep practicing. My 11TH birthday is my official milestone for my journey to becoming an artist. On my 11TH birthday, my mom gave me my first sketch diary (a sketch diary, is a sketch book, that is used to draw out your experiences on a daily basis). Since that day I learned to recreate the emotions that I experienced on a daily basis. I was able to begin developing a skill of fusing my experience into art or to capture moments on paper. As I got older, I continued to have experiences that caused me to feel and I continued to draw them. At 14, I started venturing into different avenues of art… I studied story boarding. Then, graphics design. Then, Fashion design. And in each area, I used my ability to capture moments and reflect those moments in art, on a variety of different canvases. I lived in both the USA and the UK, with a Caribbean background. In short, my life was not all sunshine… there were a lot of horrific moments. There were years of homelessness and days I went to bed hungry. There were days when I walked the streets terrified in broad daylight in the busy streets of a city from being stalked by potential abductors. There were moments of betrayal and abuse… where my love turned out to be a monster. So many experiences to where I should be a basket case. But in all of these bad experiences, my imagination saved me. It is and will always be my connection to the Divine. My imagination and determination motivated me to keep pushing forward. And from pain I developed beauty, which is reflected in my works.

Bold but Elegant! That is a statement which defines my character. Regardless of bad things I come out better and stronger. And thus, each item I make is Bold, which represents the emotional or expressive statements that we need to sometimes make. While the Elegant represents the class… we will always maintain our composure… no matter how hard it is we need to keep going.

For the longest time, I thought my art was for me. But one day, I was asked to paint a mural in Phoebus, VA. I originally took up the task believing I needed to do this to heal myself. But in making my vision (which was an endless sunrise and sunset) the locals of that neighborhood came alive. It was a poor desolate place. No color anywhere. But this sudden change in their environment was a catalyst that led to a change. People there became inspired. They began to walk with their heads up. And they began to continue making more changes to improve their situation. After awhile Phoebus was more than a place to sleep but it became alive again. I do not take full ownership of that moment. But I do declare that over the 2 weeks of working on that mural, I saw the locals change before my very eyes.

That experience taught me three things: that sometimes situations demand you to be bold, so that there can be change. And also, the means of how the action is presented will determine the overall outcome. Finally, my art does not belong to me… I am a mere vessel used to help others speak in ways they may not know how to.

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