Who am I?

"Born to a Caribbean family in Florida and spent most of my childhood living across the United States of America and in the United Kingdom. My experiences in my youth have become a constant reflection in my artistic projects of today. To make it clear, my family chose to travel often but not for military reasons. Instead, they were seeking to empower themselves in a system designed to work against them. I am proud to say, that I come from a creative family who chose to not be pigeonholed, and decided to fight against the supremacist system, whether intellectually or through the arts. I, myself, ended up developing a passion for music, literature, and visual art. After school, I volunteered in programs to learn how to screenplay; produce music; and to advance in my artistic styles in both fine arts and design. Remaining in the top tier of my class, I also was granted access to even more opportunities that supported my constant thirst for knowledge. Since grade school and college, I have made many accomplishments in the arts and in literature, and I continue to push myself beyond my comfort zone."

~ Latoya Ralliford

Bold & Elegant


Latoya Ralliford is an artist who has developed a range of different techniques of works, since grade school. Latoya has built a beautiful collection of paintings, wood carvings, clay sculptures and more. Explore Latoya's Art Portfolio in the Art Collections section of our site. You can also explore the artist's favorite works, as well as take custom work home, in our Print Shop.

Paint Brushes
Costume Design

Roughly around the age of 14, Latoya started studying as a Graphic Designer. Her rudimentary projects became more complicated as time progressed, and eventually, Latoya began studying to become a fashion designer in a college in London. When Latoya returned back to the USA, she began designing album art and marketing materials for Seattle Hip Hop and Jazz artists. Years later, she founded the Graphic Design & Promotion company named OoSnapp LLC. Over the years she has been lead designer for several major projects for various companies and individuals. Her skillset led her to be awarded as a Wix Partner.

Currently, OoSnapp Design projects are focused on internal project developments, such as book art and design, etc.


Latoya Ralliford created and illustrated her first children's book at the age of 7. This granted her the opportunity of traveling to neighboring schools to read her story to preschoolers. After her brief moment of fame, literature was placed on the back burner until she founded KERNE Magazine as well as published BLK Excellence series. Since then, Latoya has read at numerous author events throughout Seattle. And is currently about to launch 3 new publications! Latoya's style of writing ranges from non-fiction to creative to children's stories to adult fiction.

In addition to publishing her own works, she has also helped develop, edit and published works for other upcoming authors. Explore our collection of publications.

Writing with Pen

A Story to Tell...

When I am working on new collections and ideas, I try to capture the story. Follow along by exploring some of my "in the making" articles".


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