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KERNE Magazine.


"KERNE Magazine was because I was tired of sharing important information on trashy social media platforms, where the information could never be referenced or found again. If the information is important enough to make a change, then it needed to be in a tangible document that people can enjoy for years to come."

~ Latoya Ralliford

Inside the creative works of Latoya Ralliford.

Collective Consciousness

The concept for KERNE Magazine and Kernepedia was created to be a platform to bring a collective of consciousness together to learn and to shift the majority's thinking pattern.

Each issue is filled with articles, activities, art, creative writing (and more) that will lead the readers to a higher level of frequency.

May Cover Art.png


Each issue of KERNE Magazine is filled with powerful art pieces from various African American artists.

Each issue is filled with historic references and articles tied to the African Diaspora.



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