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L Ralliford


While I have been primarily a 2-Dimensional artist, I cannot ignore that I have a background in fashion and graphic design. My eye for detail can be found in many of my works with people as the main subject. And my lust to explore a complicated play on dimensions can be found in my Raised-Art, Sculptures, and Jewelry Designs. 

My jewelry designing activity has slowed down a lot since the 2020 Pandemic Lockdown. Most of my creative focus during 2020 was on developing designer face masks. Once the face mask market began to slow down, I returned to further my education in Anthrolopgy and expand on my written works. My more recent designs are primarily showcased in local Seattle Galleries and on this website. 

At the bottom of this page is a Gallery of Signature Jewelry designs I have created. If you are interested in purchasing items, you can visit Onyx Fine Arts Collective in Seattle, WA or purchase items in the Store.

Building a Vision

Not All Great Designs are Spontaneous

Not all great designs are spontaneous, while others aren't always planned. There is a process in developing each jewelry and accessory design. Each item has its own name and its own story.

Below are some of my favorite designs: