BLK Excellence

Return to the Eternal Self

BLK Excellence: Return to the Eternal Self is about reconnecting to the source of our personality and life force... which is Black Energy.


The concept behind this book is to help individuals understand the different levels of Self, as well as understand the solution to many struggles that we face. In this unique approach, I identify that our ancestors were teaching about the power of Black Energy. 


I also explore the scientific explanations that consequently prove the Black Energy is the core building block of our identity.


This book explores the deepest and the highest levels of self and provides readers the opportunity to interact and discover their true potential on their own.




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Inside the creative works of Latoya Ralliford.

My primary strength is to create visual art but I also have a gift in writing fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.


Most of the written work I produce is revolutionary and inspiring. It reflects a lot of my personal views about the work and my determination to make it better through creativity. In my non-fiction works, I write about Black History and Empowering topics. In my short stories, I write about activist characters who try to change the world for the better. And my poetry also reflects similar issues.


With that said, I invite you to explore the mind of a natural activist.

Many of my publications are available to be purchased on Blurb, Amazon or iTunes.

You can visit my Blurb page, here:




The BLK Excellence tarot deck is a deck that tells the story of Black History. This deck will be made available on December 2019.


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