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Now that you have entered into the realm of my imagination, which isn't as scary as you might have thought; it is time to discover the services that I have to offer. I pride myself with trying to think outside the box in my designs and any creative project. This creative ventures aren't hobbies to me, they are the passion that drives me forward.

Many wonder why I venture into so many different avenues, but personally I feel as though I haven't ventured into enough, regarding visual design. Everything is a form of art and expression. I want the opportunity to find new mediums to push the so-called limit and see how far my imagination will take me.

With all of this said, I pride myself with offering customers a range of different products and services. The services that I offer consist of: graphic design, publication design, web design, traditional custom paintings, content writing, word editing, video editing, jewelry design, fashion design, illustrations and more.

The sky is the limit... so how may I help you?

Custom Art

Need a family heirloom? Hire me to create custom work that will be cherished for ages.


Need illustrations for your new book? Hire me to create images for your publication.

Jewelry Design

Discover the story behind the designs and go beyond accessorizing.

Daughma Apparel

Learn more about Daughma Apparel


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Ludwig Van Beethoven

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